Izumi Bitmap Font for X11


Izumi Bitmap Font convert from FONTX2 to bdf font format of X-Window System.


Izumi Gothic 16 dot(JIS X 0213:2004 Lv.4, Beta-6)
Izumi Gothic 16 dot JIS X 0213:2004 Lv.4 edition.


Izumi Futura Light 16 dot
Futura Light ANK font
Izumi Courior 16 dot
Courior ANK font

Old version

Old version of Izumi Fonts are leave over http://izumilib.web.fc2.com/izumi-bf/archive/,


This font is Public Domain. Shere and enjoy.

In Japanese low, and sentence are thinking of Font's Preservation on industrial possession. I think so, too. Yes, All Izumi Fonts are "Public Domain" on completing. But, if part of one isn't completing, I want changeless.

"I want changeless", it's not meaning disable. But I can't take the responsibility of changes.

Yu=Izumi@Tohoku University, Japan. yu_izumi@plum.freemail.ne.jp
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